Rockwood Summit Renewable Fuel Project

We are an after school club, comprised of high school students from all grade levels, that produces 100% biodiesel from waste cooking oil. The fuel that is produced is then used in our two test vehicles where the students can verify the quality and efficiency of the fuel produced. The leftover byproduct  from the process is then used to make environmentally friendly soap that is used by many of the local businesses. Our club has something for everyone such as chemistry, engineering, computer programming, agriculture, automotive, environmental science, construction, and more.

While the primary focus of the club is the production of biodiesel, it's hard to ignore the social benefits the club offers as well. 
The students in the club bring many different talents to the group, but that doesn't stop them from learning new things along the way, much of the time, from their own peers. Students who have never changed a tire, (and even some that are not even old enough to drive) are changing oil in our test vehicles as well as performing other maintenance tasks and repairs.  Students who have never picked up a hammer are getting involved in construction projects including building their own compost bin. Those with a more automotive background are learning more about the chemistry of the process.  Engineering students are planting soybeans. All of the students are generally involved in every aspect of the club at one point or another.